Boo's Chess Engine

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BCE - Boo’s Chess Engine (aka Bowron - Abernethy Chess Engine)

Once upon a time I wrote a small chess engine in Lisp. Then I wanted that engine to go faster, so I rewrote it in C. Then a while later I wanted to do a better chess engine, with more features. I am a big fan of Lisp so I wrote it in that. Then, again I wanted it to be faster so I rewrote it in C. Then for an AI course project, I added learning to the C version. The result has evolved into what you will find in this archive. It is alternatively known as BACE (Bowron-Abernethy Chess Engine) or BCE (Boo’s Chess Engine). Rob Abernethy and I worked together to add the learning algorithm.

BCE was the basis for pspChess, an open-source chess game for the PlayStation Portable.



BCE has played games on freechess.org under two accounts:


Thanks to Dann Corbit for his many helpful hints, suggestions, and code.